The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates

You know how life can throw you a curveball that changes everything? You’re jarred out of your comfort zone and you feel overwhelmed, disappointed - maybe even devastated - and not at all sure what to do next?
Changes and life shifts do not have to get the best of you. As a certified holistic life coach, I am your partner in navigating the ups and downs of your life. Together, we will begin to create a new story and shape a new “normal.” 
You will find relief and hope as you --
  • explore alternate perspectives
  • consider new expectations
  •  identify your options
  • renew your sense of yourself and your purpose
  • discover resources and tools
  • create a step-by-step plan to move forward

I specialize in midlife crisis, transition, and transformation. If you know that something needs to change, but aren't not sure what or how, let's talk. If you are spinning in indecision - or grief - or anger - or disappointment, I can help. 

My clients get their bearings and find perspective. They find relief and hope as they reconnect to who they are. They feel more clear, more free, and more confident as they grow into the best version of themselves. 

And that's a beautiful thing!


Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. -Brené Brown

Here's how to get started.

It's easy! Your first step is to read over my Frequently Asked Questions page. Then contact me through   email  ,  Facebook Messenger or by phone at 615.428.1417 to schedule a no-charge Life Reset Strategy Session. This way, I can learn about the challenges you're facing and you can see how coaching works to decide I'm a good match for you. There is really nothing to lose. 



 identify your options,

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