Cultivating Compassion

I really enjoy practicing this meditation during my quiet time. It quiets my spirit and helps me to expand my awareness of others.


Sit in your favorite chair or lie on the floor. Keep the lighting soft. Play gentle music at low volume or keep the space quiet.


Begin focusing on your breathing to slow down your body and mind.. Breath in slowly and then breath out slowly, slowing down the frequency with every few breaths.


When you feel calmer, say these words aloud, pausing between phrases to feel kindness toward yourself, compassion for yourself, and connection with yourself. If this is new to you, allow yourself to begin to consider the possibility that you deserve to experience these things.


May I be kind.

May I be compassionate.

May I feel my deep connection to myself and others.


Next, consider someone who you find challenging to be in relationship with. Speak these words as though you are saying them to that person. It is okay if you have difficulty meaning them. The idea is to plant a seed of possibility that you someday might actually grow into meaning them.


May you be kind.

May you be compassionate.

May you feel your deep connection to yourself and others.


Finally, speak offer these words aloud as a sort of prayer for humankind.


May we all be kind.

May we all be compassionate.

May we all feel our deep connection to ourselves and to each other.


Now take a few moments to rest quietly, savoring the good will and compassion that flows naturally from your own heart.


Gently open your eyes.



For more, check out The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion: Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions by Christopher Germer.