This is a no-judgment zone.

*I am trained and certified through the Radiant Coaching Academy, a school accredited by the International Coaching Federation.



I became a life coach to help empower you to take action in your life, to move forward into wholeness. I want you to know that you have options and that it’s okay to ask for help to see them. In working through my personal issues and limiting beliefs, I have come to realize that we were never meant to have to figure everything out on our own. Everyone deserves non-judgmental support and encouragement when they need it. Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued.


As a midlife pilgrim myself, I’ve found freedom in discovering who I truly am apart from the expectations of others. I want you to find that freedom too. And here’s some great news. Since courage and fear can exist together, you don’t have to let your apprehensions or insecurities stand in your way.


I am passionate about self-awareness, personal growth, and self-compassion. We tend to be harder on ourselves than anyone else can be. I believe in the power of possibility—whether you are surviving, striving, or thriving, there is always more waiting for you. I am energized by the synergy created through collaborating with others—the potential of the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts. 


I live a curiosity-driven life and have worked in several fields: retail, restaurant, commercial sales, teaching, administrative support, and publishing. I first  discovered my love for coaching as a personal organizer, helping people declutter and bring order to their chaotic lives. 


A Minnesota native, my husband, Steve, and I have called Nashville home for 18 years. Our dogs, Ginger, Gracie, and DJ have made our nest feel a little less empty as our son has transitioned into adulthood.




As a thereapist, I thought  a life coach session would be fun. I came into it without expectation and was pleasantly surprised. Gina helped me gain insight into some decisions and steps I needed to achieve my next life journey goals. She is very knowledgeable and gifted at what she does. She fosters a warm, nonjudgmental, open environment to share. - Brittany