Client Experiences

"I really appreciated Gina’s approach. She helped me listen to my own instincts about framing my next three months. That time frame is particular to my circumstances. And she also helped me bring a bunch of scattered thoughts into clearer focus. All good!" - Jeanne

"Gina's encouragement helped me to talk in an open and honest way. Her questions led me to some insights. I'm going to meet with her in the future." - Scott

"We talked primarily about some short-term career goals. Gina had me write down some objectives. We also talked about ways to ease through a transition to a new phase of life. I made some notes related to that, as well. After the session I felt like I had some concrete steps to take on both fronts." – Noah

"Gina helped me find clarity." – Janice

"Gina led me through a visualization practice to connect with my subconscious mind. It was a powerful experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the insights that came from it. They were affirming of the direction I'm taking." - Lauren

"Gina shared with me the framework of life coaching. She asked me some really excellent questions which will help me make a decision. I’m grateful to have had this experience." - Elizabeth